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Yogyakarta Driver - Private Tours in Yogyakarta with English Speaking Driver

Yogyakarta Driver - Welcome to the Yogyakarta Driver website, a professional and experienced car rental and personal driver service in Yogyakarta.

With the Yogyakarta Driver Tour service, we will invite you to go around Yogyakarta City safely and comfortably. We guarantee 99% customers, get the best sightseeing experience satisfaction in Yogyakarta as well as a pleasant trip.

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We completely understand your wishes. Vacationing in Yogyakarta with an English speaking driver as a guide will certainly make it easier for you to reach popular locations in Yogyakarta City. Hiring an English speaking driver in Yogyakarta can be found for less, and we are your best choice!

Experienced Yogyakarta Driver Speaking English

Do you have holiday plans in Yogyakarta? Visiting the world's most popular Borobudur and Prambanan Temples? The best option to visit the place is to hire a Yogyakarta driver.

With the Yogyakarta Driver Service service, of course you will get more benefits. With us you can arrange your own travel plans and be able to visit a variety of interesting tourist attractions in Yogyakarta and its surroundings.

You can use the services of Yogyakarta drivers for out of town or land trips, such as trips from Yogyakarta to Semarang, Yogyakarta to Dieng, Yogyakarta to Sukuh Temple & Cetho Temple, Yogyakarta to Surabaya, Yogyakarta to Malang, Yogyakarta to Bromo and many other areas what we can expect. We provide a large selection of vehicles that you can use with your family and friends.

For us, your satisfaction in your sightseeing in Yogyakarta is our top priority. Yogyakarta Driver and team will serve you very well and provide any information desired. With Yogyakarta English speaking drivers, you don't have to worry about communication errors anymore.

Yogyakarta local drivers will help you in every way, visiting tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, looking for traditional culinary places, finding places to shop for souvenirs from Yogyakarta, finding places to drink civet coffee, batik courses in Yogyakarta, visiting villages where silver handicrafts are made and more.

You can easily visit various interesting tourist spots in Yogyakarta with Yogyakarta driver tour.

We will take you to Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Mount Merapi Tour, Jomblang Cave, Pindul Cave, Timang Beach, Paragliding Hill, Parangtritis, Dieng Plateau, Kedung Kayang Waterfall, Yogyakarta Palace, Tamansari Water Palace and many others. If you hire a driver in Yogyakarta, you will get the best price offer.

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Why Should You Hire a Local Yogyakarta Driver?

There are various reasons why foreign tourists coming to Yogyakarta should hire English-speaking driver in Yogyakarta. Let's find out what are the advantages of the services of local Yogyakarta drivers for tours and sightseeing.

yogyakarta driver english speaking

English – Speaking Drivers

The reason why choose us, Say goodbye to miscommunication because our Yogyakarta Chauffeur team can speak English well. You can leave your hesitate to talk to us, we will give you the best responds.

private yogyakarta local driver with english speaking

Reliable Vehicles

Our vehicles are clean and comfortable. We provide you reliable cars to suit your party size as requested to make your Yogyakarta activities pleasant.

yogyakarta driver english speaking

Free Bottled Water

We provide a bottled water for you. No need to worry about thirst in your trip, our fresh water will complete your Yogyakarta private tour.

yogyakarta car rental with driver

Safe and Enjoyable Tour

Our team of Yogyakarta Chauffeur always make sure that your trip will be safe but fun. We will make your time with us enjoyable and memorable.

local yogyakarta driver

Yogyakarta Native

Our Yogyakarta Tour Driver are native to Yogyakarta. We take great care of you to show you the beautiful of Yogyakarta City and arround so you can enjoy your Yogyakarta private tour in relaxed.

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Special Discounts

To satisfy our beloved customers, we always have many discounts and other special reduced fare for each Yogyakarta Attractions, Yogyakarta Activities and Yogyakarta Sightseeing Tour.

Yogyakarta Driver Cost Perday

Travel anywhere easily, safely and comfortably using a local Yogyakarta driver service. Get offers for car rental prices in Yogyakarta with the best driver just by hiring us.

We offer car and driver rental fees in Yogyakarta at a fairly low price. Of course, this will make tourists more cost-effective in spending on their vacation in Yogyakarta.

Below is information on prices and car rental services with an English speaking driver from Yogyakarta.

Toyota Avanza

IDR 650,000 /12 hours
Over Time : 10% from price/hours
Good air conditioning
Recommended for 4 passengers
(maximum 5 without luggage)
Driver & Fuel/Gasoline Included
Parking fee in all areas
Bottled Water

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Toyota Innova

IDR 850,000 /12 hours
Over Time : 10% from price/hours
Good air conditioning
Recommended for 4 passengers
(maximum 5 without luggage)
Driver & Fuel/Gasoline Included
Parking fee in all areas
Bottled Water

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hire toyota hiace minibus in yogyakarta

Toyota Hiace Commuter

IDR 1,250,000 /12 hours
Over Time : 10% from price/hours
Good air conditioning
Recommended for 10-14 passengers
(maximum 14 without luggage)
Driver & Fuel/Gasoline Included
Parking fee in all areas
Bottled Water

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hire a car toyota hiace premio minibus in yogyakarta

Toyota Hiace Premio

IDR 1,450,000 /12 hours
Over Time : 10% from price/hours
Good air conditioning
Recommended for 10-13 passengers
(maximum 13 without luggage)
Driver & Fuel/Gasoline Included
Parking fee in all areas
Bottled Water

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hire a minibus elf long in yogyakarta

Isuzu ELF Minibus Long NLR

IDR 1,350,000 /12 hours
Over Time : 10% from price/hours
Good air conditioning
Recommended for 15-18 passengers
(maximum 18 without luggage)
Driver & Fuel/Gasoline Included
Parking fee in all areas
Bottled Water

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hire a car rental alphard in yogyakarta

Toyota Alphard Transformer

IDR 3,500,000 /12 hours
Over Time : 10% from price/hours
Good air conditioning
Recommended for 5 passengers
(maximum 5 without luggage)
Driver & Fuel/Gasoline Included
Parking fee in all areas
Bottled Water

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Yogyakarta Driver Service

We offer many services that will make it easier for tourists and travelers to make their vacation trips in Yogyakarta. With so many choices, it will be easier for you to choose which one suits your comfort. Let's see the service list of Yogyakarta drivers!

Yogyakarta Daily Tour

Daily tours in Yogyakarta are traveling around Yogyakarta for a full day.

We will take you to the world's popular tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, such as Prambanan Temple, Borobudur Temple, Sultan Palace, Tamansari Water Castle, Jomblang Cave, Timang Beach and others. You can enjoy daily tour services in Yogyakarta for 12 hours.

We'll show you the best places to have lunch, dinner, shop for souvenirs, learn batik and more.

Yogyakarta Overland Tour

For those of you who want to visit outside the city together with Yogyakarta driver services, we will be happy to deliver.

You can use the local Yogyakarta driver service from hireadriver.id for tours to other cities from Yogyakarta, including tours to Semarang, Pangandaran, Dieng Plateau, Sukuh & Cetho Temple, Bromo, Malang, Ijen Crater and even to Bali. Jogja drivers are very experienced in doing overland tour trips.

Yogyakarta Airport Taxi Service

Did your plane land at Yogyakarta International Airport? Want to reach your hotel in Yogyakarta easily? Take advantage of the services of English-speaking Yogyakarta drivers.

We can serve your trip to reach your hotel in Yogyakarta or travel from hotel to airport. The cost is quite cheap, namely IDR 350,000 per car, not per person. Can also stop to a culinary place to take your lunch or dinner. Tell that to your Yogyakarta driver!

Yogyakarta Minibus Rental

Going on a picnic in Yogyakarta with a group, you will need a vehicle that can easily transport it. Renting a minibus for groups is the best choice.

You can get around Yogyakarta's tourist attractions safely and comfortably by utilizing Yogyakarta bus rentals.

We provide this service for day tours, overland tours, multiple day tours, airport transfers and other services.

private yogyakarta driver

Yogyakarta Driver for Tour Services

Yogyakarta is a city that has the title of a Special Region because of its beauty and culture which has always been maintained until now. This is what makes it a strong attraction for many tourists, both local and foreign tourists.

This makes Yogyakarta driver service providers indispensable and sought after as a tool to facilitate mobility and comfort during travel.

This is a natural thing because everyone definitely doesn't want their vacation moments in other people's countries to encounter many obstacles in terms of transportation.

Not only can it help local tourists, the presence of driver services in Yogyakarta is very helpful for foreign tourists. This is because foreign tourists are of course not familiar with Yogyakarta.

Even though they must have found out about this city via the internet, they still can only know the destination they are going to without knowing the exact access and location.

Helpful and Competent Driver

The existence of Yogyakarta Local Drivers who have detailed knowledge about the ins and outs of the city of Yogyakarta will make tourists feel safe and can entrust transportation problems to the driver without having to bother looking for their own means of transportation armed only with the gadgets they have.

Even though the gadget is equipped with a maps feature that can show the way, it is common for people to get lost because they use maps applications when traveling.

Aside from going the wrong way, it's not uncommon for the road chosen by the maps to be a road in a damaged condition or too narrow for a car to pass through, and this certainly won't feel comfortable.

It's another case if you use the Yogyakarta Private Driver services that we provide, so tourists don't need to be bothered and just need to enjoy the trip. They can see the sights during the trip or choose to sleep in the car quietly.

Yogyakarta is a fairly large and dense city; however, there are many tourist attractions that are a shame not to be missed. With this condition, not only requires knowledge of travel routes, but also qualified driving skills.

There are tourist locations in Yogyakarta from the coast to the mountains, and all of them are places that are worth visiting. With travel time that tends to be short, it requires agility and vehicle performance that is very supportive, and our car rental services have all of these advantages.

yogyakarta private driver to lava tour merapi

Pros of Using Private Driver

The following are some of the advantages that you can get when using Yogyakarta driver services while on vacation or touring in Yogyakarta:

1. English speaking drivers

In order to carry out good and understandable communication, our drivers are required to have expertise in English which is an international language in order to meet the expectations of foreign tourists.

With smooth communication, it will be easy to avoid the risk of misunderstanding and tourist dissatisfaction when using driver services. We can provide recommendations and also answer questions from tourists in a polite and friendly manner.

2. Easy booking

Tourists can find our contacts on the internet, and the admin will be available 24 hours a day to serve reservations and inquiries regarding car rental and private drivers Yogyakarta.

Price information can also be provided and negotiate or make necessary adjustments in order to find an agreement and mutual benefits.

Payment does not have to be by credit card, and tourists can also cancel for free if the circumstances and conditions that do not allow it to continue with the order.

3. Drivers feel like tour guides

Apart from having qualified English skills, the driver's knowledge of tourist destinations as well as information regarding the history and stories of each place is also very good, and of course everything is delivered in a polite and understandable way for tourists, so that tourists not only enjoy the trip but also find other lessons from the history that is conveyed.

In other words, tourists don't just hire Yogyakarta driver services, but are more like Yogyakarta Driver Tour services where during the tour it feels as if tourists are being accompanied by a tour guide and they can ask questions that make suggestions to the drivers.

4. Honest and polite

As previously stated, our Yogyakarta drivers also have high dedication and integrity, so they always prioritize honesty and customer satisfaction. Drivers will convey everything openly to be able to get a mutual agreement with foreign tourists.

In this way, we can gain the full trust of tourists and they will be happy to use our services again. They also will not hesitate to give good comments or reviews so that they will invite many other tourists to want to choose the best service we provide.

Advantages of Private Driver

Apart from discussing the advantages that Yogyakarta Driver service providers have, the following are some of the advantages that you can experience when using rental services or private drivers in Yogyakarta:

  1. The main advantage when you use a driver or car rental is that tourists can save their precious time and costs.
  2. We provide inter-city tour services, so if tourists want to go to other destinations outside the city of Yogyakarta, there will be a transfer car service that can be an option to visit other cities in Indonesia.
  3. Tourists will feel much more flexible if they use the services of a private driver. They can ask to rest or go to the toilet whenever needed.
  4. You can make reservations anytime and anywhere, you will even be assisted in arranging travel routes and routes.

Yogyakarta Driver Cost

The costs required to get Yogyakarta Driver services can be considered quite affordable. Only at a cost of around IDR 650,000 - 1,450,000 you can get English Speaking Driver in Yogyakarta services with vehicles such as the Toyota Avanza with the latest models that have modern features and also ample space for 5-18 passengers which can make traveling more comfortable and safe.

That's a review of Yogyakarta Driver service providers which will be very useful for foreign tourists when visiting Yogyakarta or other beautiful cities in Indonesia.